400usd linodecn.com 卖掉

2011-01-11 13:28:20 发表于互联网事 本文链接: 400usd linodecn.com 卖掉

linodecn.com 以400usd的 价格卖给了Linode.com ,这个价格我觉得算赚了,毕竟这个域名只有他们才有购买的需要,而且我也懒得和他们扯商标权的问题!

linodecn域名已经卖掉,所以linode的自动代购网站已经自动跳转到http://vps.homezz.com ,需要代购linode的朋友去自行去购买,依然那句话,成本价格,纯属公益,无任何vps使用技术支持。

其实在注册linodecn.com之前,我已经和linode沟通了n次邮件,其中 还提到了我打算购买linodecn.com,难道因为那个时候我还没有开始做linode代购,所以他们就无所谓?或者是linode已经逐渐看重中国市场?部分邮件内容如下:

Thank you for contacting us. To answer your questions:

> 1. is this allowed according your TOS?

You are more than welcome to resell our services based on your own custom system using the Linode API, with the exception that you do not give your visitors the false impression that you are officially endorsed or affiliated with Linode.

> 2. Can I have thousands of linodes under my account?

Definitely! We do not limit the amount of Linodes you can have attached to your account.

> 3. Is there any limitation of using linode API ? ( I will use caching to
> avoid calling API too frequently );

We do not enforce any “hard” usage restrictions with the Linode API at this time. You are more than welcome to utilize the Linode API in any way that you desire, under the conditions that you do keep your co-developers in mind and do not abuse the service by processing an exponential amount of requests in short time frames.

> 4. can I write down these words on my site (see the end of this email:*We’re
> Not Chinese simplefied …….* );

This is totally fine. You have clearly stated that you are not affiliated with Linode, and are a stand-alone reseller service for the Chinese market.

> 5. could you please authorize me to use words “Linode”, I only create
> site in Chinese, and I will declare that I am not Linode

Making references to Linode like in the example you included at the end of your e-mail is perfectly fine.

I hope this information has helped. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions or concerns.

I am creating a site to sell linode to Chinese, can I use your logo?
and can I use domain like LinodeCN.com



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