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Luke [2:54:32 AM]: Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?
cosbeta [2:54:32 AM]: your renew price is $8.95/m why not 7.95???
[2:56:35 AM]: I bought it for $7.95/month, and renew it for $8.95/month, don’t you think that you have set a trap for me?
Luke [2:56:50 AM]: No
[2:56:55 AM]: So it renewed at 8.95
[2:57:22 AM]: You will need to contact our Billing department. billing @bluehost.com and they can work with then to get it resolved.

cosbeta [2:58:06 AM]: your renew price is 8.95, why it is more expensive than before?
Luke [2:58:54 AM]: It shouldnt be
[2:59:14 AM]: We do increase the price,. But existing customers keep the plan that they signed up for.
cosbeta [3:01:27 AM]: Iyou use lower price to sell your service, and if you got the customer, your increase the price, which is not resonable!
Luke [3:05:44 AM]: If you signed up before the price went up you will not be increased to that amount.
cosbeta [3:06:44 AM]: Renew Web Hosting XXX.com 2008-11-30 2009-11-30 $8.95 $107.40 remove
[3:07:32 AM]: why in your cpanel, it says the price is 8.95? could you please check it for me?
Luke [3:08:45 AM]: You need to call our billing team in 6 hours. I can not adjust this. Let them know whats going on and they will fix the issue.
cosbeta [3:09:24 AM]: OK,I will send a ticket to them, thank you very much for your help


2008-11-23 09:39补充:原来,bluehost确实是给他的客户设置了一个陷阱,如此不诚信的虚拟主机商,此后不在考虑:

Unfortunately, we cannot offer the new sign up price for the renewal of your account. As stated in the Terms of Service:
“Prices are limited time promotional prices (available to new subscribers only) and are valid only through the selected term. Subsequent terms will renew at the standard (non-promotional) rate at the time of renewal. All hosting packages are prepaid and renew automatically.”

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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