Dmitry Koshel : Hello, how can I help you ?
you: your person said my web would recover in 1 hour, now 3 hours passed, www.cdql168.com still can not be visited !
you: and also this it the 7th time I found my web site down since Jan 2007
you: ???
Dmitry Koshel : yes we have still carrying on the maintenance on the data center
you: and what will be improved if you do that?
Dmitry Koshel : more stable performance
you: before Jan 2007 your server was stable enough,now I want to know when will my website recover,could you please give me your headline?
Dmitry Koshel : please try to check in next 2 hours
you: oh my god!
you: bye-bye
Dmitry Koshel : bye

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