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JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a popular text data exchange format with built-in support from Quercus since Resin 3.0.20. One of the common uses of JSON in a PHP environment is for the server to send JSON data to the user’s browser.

1. Overview
1. PHP Users
2. Java Users
3. New Java/PHP Architecture


Implementing PHP in Java brings benefits to both PHP users and pure Java users. And developers who are clever enough to use PHP in combination with Java will gain the most.

PHP Users

PHP developers will gain from using Quercus, even if they have no intention of writing Java code. Because Quercus is written for Resin, a Java application server, it gains all the advantages of Java applications including:


  1. Security: since Quercus and its modules are entirely in Java, C pointer overruns and segmentation violations are no longer possible.
  2. Scalability: PHP programs can take advantage of distributed sessions in PHP and load balancing.
  3. Performance: Quercus outperforms a straight mod_php implementation by about 4x (for Mediawiki and Drupal). Quercus roughly matches PHP performance with accelerators like APC.
    Quercus直接以mod_php的模式运行,能够或得4倍的执行效率(对于Mediawiki 和 Drupal来说,即以它们为例),Quercus对于php的执行机制几乎和加速器如APC一样。
  4. Caching: PHP applications using Quercus can immediately take advantage of Resin’s proxy caching. They can also use the PHP APC caching API since the APC functions are included with Quercus.
    缓存:基于Quercus的PHP应用程序可以用于resin的proxy caching功能。同样,如果服务器环境配置了APC,也可以采用APC加速功能
  5. Connection pooling, transactions, JMS: PHP programs using Quercus automatically take advantage of Resin’s connection pooling, and can use the full distributation transactions, and Java capabilities like JMS.
  6. Java tools: PHP developers can use Java tools like profilers to get in-depth information about the PHP program performance.


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