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This picture is very cool, isn’t it? do you want to create pictures of this kind by yourself? are you a beginner of 3D?OKTUT is a website focus on Free 3DMax tutorials, the webmaster said which is a very good site for tutorials , specially for 3dMax with 2 weekly updates and more than 1500 unique visitors and is free.

I have no 3D software installed in my computer, so personally, I am not interested in this topic, but I have to open and review the site, then write down my opion, why should I do this? the answer is dolloars.

I visited this site just now, there are many tutorials, and  it is very simple and easy, there are too many ads as well, if you’re not interested in the ads, you should take care of you clicks, or you may open an advertisement by a wrong click, I hate sites of this type very much.  But after I visited some pages, I found it is really useful for beginners, you do not need any basic knowledge to start you 3D pictures design from this website。the tutorial is really step by step, and it is really for beginners, so I don’t think you can get any useful tips from there, if you’ve  already been familiar with 3D software such as cool 3D, 3Dmax, I suggest you skip it, and spend more time in finding new useful tutorials .


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