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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a broad term that covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers, including the capture, storage and analysis of customer, vendor, partner, and internal process information(from wikipedia). There are varies of CRM systems, such as oracle, SAP(we also call them ERP system) and other open source CRM, these CRM systems have there own advantages, for example if you run a company with millions of dollars’ business, oracle or SAP is a good choice, but they will also take you millions of dollars. if you run a small business, open source CRM or this online CRM aimpromote will be your best choice .

Aimpromote will give you a web based CRM system to manage your business, no third part software required, no special client operating system required, what you need is only a browser, just open a specified url and start the business. From small business to big one, Aimpromote will provide a suitable solution to you , want to know more? please  click here .

We know CRM software applications are not easy to learn, most companies have to overcome a steep learning curve, also sales team will against to use them because they think the CRM is bringing them trouble. But Aimpromote said their CRM only make available those features that benefit your organization, if this is true, you will find CRM is not so hard, which sounds great.

I want to regist a trial user to test  this online CRM aimpromote, but they asked me for my creadicard information, so I gave up, it a pity I have no choice to try this CRM and have nothing to tell my feelings about it.

To me, I don’t fear to use any software, it is just a tool. I also developed a CRM system for a travel service agency, and I found that  easy to use is the foremost important thing when you introduce a new system.


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    • 1楼 Taoii 在2007.11.25 12:49发表评论如下: 回复

      it looks like no use for me. i’m working on my new website osallaround.com{i named this site Open-Source All Around} based on Joomla!. It’s the first time i’m working on a non-wp system. i spent more than 4 hrs to study how to add a new item, it’s so hard for me to do it. and now, the CRM^_^

      • 2楼 Tom Greenberg 在2007.12.01 03:43发表评论如下: 回复

        Every company needs CRM. While Open Source seems to be cheap, it is not! There are hidden costs involved. I believe the best CRM solution must be web based and from one of these three companies:

        1) Salesforce.com
        2) Salesboom.com
        3) Netsuite

        • 3楼 lym328 在2008.05.01 10:44发表评论如下: 回复


          详情请查看: http://www.crmway.net

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