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As more and more mobile phones have media player embedded in their operation systems, so playing videos on mobile phones is becoming much  easier than before, you can use your mobile phone watching TV, video or playing games. But there is another problem occurring, which is compatibility, some phones support wmv(window media video), some support RM(real player media) and some support mov, such as iphone. so you may experience problems if you use a phone only supports RM to play mov files. Now I will introduce this web based solutions to you, this is the Product site, you can download the free software from this site , and install into you phone, then you can watch online videos which you like, you can search your favorite program, you can download the media to you phone, even you can upload videos made by yourself, if you use PC browser to visit the Product site, it will automatic jump to the Corporate Site. and it supports nearly all the mobiles phones of this world ,such as Apple, Nokia, Audiovox, XV6700 , Dopod, HPHTC, Motorola, Moto, Sony Ericsson etc.

if you want to know more , you can visit Avot Media Blog, I don’t have a phone supporting GPRS on hand, so I have no chance to try this service, but I have visited the sites several times, I strongly suggest you try this service, enjoy yourself.


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      “have no change” should be “have no chance”

      真难为你了,居然还能将这个广告看一遍,其实里面还有很多错误呢,刚才救改正了一个,suggest you to do > suggest you do

      • 2楼 tsiann 在2007.11.23 23:38发表评论如下: 回复

        it will automatic jump -> it will automaticly jump


        • 3楼 tsiann 在2007.11.23 23:38发表评论如下: 回复

          much more easier -> much easier

          • 4楼 tsiann 在2007.11.23 23:39发表评论如下: 回复

            you 好多好多。。。


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                  这个还没改呢[quote]tsiann:much more easier -> much easier[/quote]


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