Government will never make a loss

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In China , the tax system is becoming more and more perfect, which means the government’s income is increasing, but the public facilities has even no changes, so I want to know where has the money gone?


Now there are more than one million cars in Shenzhen, which cause the road crowded in rush hours, because the government has no way to solve the problem, the only way the worked out is just adding another tax project to car’s owner, what a great decision, we have to admit that this is a great policy for these decision makers, because they just seat there to count the money. How to spend the money, who knows? They may spend the money for their second or third lovers? spend the money on BMW , on Lexus clothing or on beautiful girls. This is China, how to use the money from public finance has nothing to do with you.

We have to face more and more problems such as housing, medical treatment and education in China. while public income is increasing, the burning for people( without decision makers ) is increasing too, I wonder how to make this country harmony. I love socialism society , but is this fuck society socialism?

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    • 1楼 yiyix 在2007.09.19 22:31发表评论如下: 回复

      Nowadays, the government can do what they want to do. I can not imagine such a ‘great policy’ would be approved in our socialism society, which says people are the masters of the country. Where will the money be spent? No one knows.
      For the coming 17th ×××,We seemly do not have the right of words. Some people do not want to hear the disharmony voice. I think this is the main reason you write the post in English.[r]yes, because they will not notice if we write post in other language [/r]

      • 2楼 Jake 在2007.09.20 00:27发表评论如下: 回复

        they tell you to live in harmony,live in fairy tale when they exploit you.

        • 3楼 水鸟飞翔 在2007.09.20 00:30发表评论如下: 回复


          • 4楼 Jake 在2007.09.20 01:06发表评论如下: 回复

            We post in english not only because we want to show off,but also because we want to live in harmony. : >[r]quite right,I did not show off, just because I can not use my own mother language to write down these words[/r]

            • 5楼 liutianyi 在2007.09.20 22:15发表评论如下: 回复


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