I love China

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I have a dream,one day,I don’t need to waste too much time to worry about housing problem,

I have a dream,one day,I can work ervey week only 5 days,

I have a dream,one day,the doctor will become an angel again,no cheat and I can fully trust her.

but this is the real word,we should struggle to survive in this country,earn more money,save enogh money in case of emergency ,such as child education,sickness,and other unwilling spendings.

Our Chinese are very clever,so I don’t know why ,more than 50 year has passed,we are still just working for housing,for medical care and education,why we can’t spend a little time to enjoy my life,why we are still tired everyday?,and why so many pepole are far more richer than others?

Oh,this is China.this is a real world,everything exists because it is resonable.

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