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最近在网看到了一个php的framework,prado,粗略一看,实现的方式和aspx简直一模一样,我们不妨看看他的简单介绍吧 :
RADO is a component-based and event-driven framework for rapid Web programming in PHP 5. PRADO reconceptualizes Web application development in terms of components, events and properties instead of procedures, URLs and query parameters.

A PRADO component is a combination of a specification file (in XML), an HTML template and a PHP class. PRADO components are combined together to form larger components or complete PRADO pages.

Developing PRADO Web applications mainly involves instantiating prebuilt and application-specific component types, configuring them by setting their properties, responding to their events by writing handler functions, and composing them into application tasks. Event-driven programming

PRADO provides the following benefits for Web application developers:

  • reusability – Codes following the PRADO component protocol are highly reusable. Everything in PRADO is a reusable component.
  • ease of use – Creating and using components are extremely easy. Usually they simply involve configuring component properties.
  • robustness – PRADO frees developers from writing boring, buggy code. They code in terms of objects, methods and properties, instead of URLs and query parameters. The latest PHP5 exception mechanism is exploited that enables line-precise error reporting.
  • performance – PRADO uses a cache technique to ensure the performance of applications based on it. The performance is in fact comparable to those based on commonly used template engines.
  • team integration – PRADO enables separation of content and presentation. Components, typically pages, have their content (logic) and presentation stored in different files.


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